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Picture the scene… 1985, a young(ish) Charlie Mahoney decides to strike out on his own and starts CTM Performance Heads. Since 1973 he had been working for Burtons modifying cylinder heads for everything from 850 Minis to big block V8s, but had come to the conclusion that the only way forward was to go it alone. Initally, CTM mainly provided high performance cylinder heads for Fords and with x-flows and pintos being the staple engines for british motorsport, “Charlie at CTM” became a well known figure, especially in the short circuit racing fraternity.

CTM continued to provide cylinder heads for an ever increasing client base. In the late nineties the business was expanded by the aquisition of Burton power products engineering workshop. This meant the variety of services offered now encompassed all aspects of engine modification and general engineering.

By 2004 the business had outgrown its premises and so was moved to its present location in Dagenham. The new location offered far superior workshop space, vehicle fitting area and storage for customer vehicles.

Our Approach

At CTM we aim to give each customer an engineering solution tailored to their individual needs and budget.

A typical example would be the customers engine would be stripped down, degreased, all parts checked and measured for accurate size. Once completed, any findings would be reported back to the customer to be discussed. We would then modify the engine to customers required specification or/and budget.

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